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Fill in the input fields with your proxy configuration and crendentials:


If you don’t have the the green message “The connection test was successful!” and you still can’t create a new project, you may need to import the SSL certificate in our CACERTS security file.


SSL Certificate error on NPM (nodeJS)

In Convertigo Workspace, search for the Node runtime.

For example, in Windows:

Code Block

In a Terminal, type the following command:

Code Block
# Windows/MacOS/Linux 
npm config set cafile "<path to your certificate file>"

# Check the 'cafile'
npm config get cafile

or extend the existing certs

Set this environment variable to extend pre-defined certs: NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS to "<path to certificate file>"


If this does not work, create a .npmrc file in your user’s home and write the following: