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Check Scheduled Transaction/Sequence Job execution

You can check the execution of Scheduled Job by search in logs Messages starting with “Prepare job <job name> for <project name>“.

For example : Prepare job b[GetCurrentDIS@EveryDay 5h30] for GC_Maintenance

Job execution in Logs

Follow the process execution and check there are no errors and all goes flawlessly.

This should end up with following Messages “Completed job <job name> with success”.

In Administration Console, in Scheduler widget, you first have to set a Job, usually on a back end sequence with some parameters. Then, set up a Schedule, it defines the time of execution. Finally, you set up a Scheduled Job that binds a Job (transaction/sequence) to a Schedule:

Next Schedule execution

You can hover the mouse pointer above the ‘Next’ column of ‘Schedules’ table to check the 20 upcoming execution time.

Check - Scheduler widget - for more information.

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