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What is the 'Test platform' account in Administration Console useful for ?

In Convertigo Administration Console, Configuration widget, Accounts and Security menu, there are two user accounts you can setup. The first one is the Administrator user, it has all access to the platform. You can change the username and password.

The second one, “Test platform“ is rather a n account to enable or disable anonymous access to the platform by giving it a name and password.

Is it possible to create other account users and give them different access levels?

Yes! This is possible with the Roles widget.

 Roles widget

The roles widget is used to create a new user account and give him particular privileges on the Administration Console.

  1. Click the ‘Add User’ button in ROLES widget.

  2. In the new window, choose a name and password.

  3. Choose the different roles you want to give to the user. The left column is to view only the widgets and the right column is to view and modify parameters in the widgets.

  4. Click the ‘Ok’ button to validate.

ROLES Widget
ROLES Widget



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