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Passing parameters to a page

One way to pass parameters to a page is to use Angular Route syntax with colons (“:”) in the URL.

For example, a project called policy in the Convertigo Studio, can be accessed as:


policy-request is the name of the Segment property of the Mobile Application page.

:id is the name of the variable to be replaced by its value in the iframe src attribute.




The value of the variable can be accessed when the page is loaded (onDidEnter event) in a customAction component or directly in a TS property with:



Then, a click button event can be fired to call a Convertigo Sequence with this value to insert values in your DB.

Here is a sample project to demonstrate how to retrieve parameters and send them to a sequence: policy (Mobile Application has to be built in the Studio first)

An other way is to use the Page data property of the RootPage, PushPage, ModalPage components to transmits a data object to the Page.


Data can be retrieved using the TS code:

Or using the Show Actions Sources in the Source Picker tab:


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