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Use Form component with SharedComponents Inputs

By definition, components are local to the page they are used in and form Inputs in SharedComponents are not part of the page, even if they are used in this page. To get the values of the sharedComponent Inputs we will use the Two Way Binding capability of SharedComponent variables.

First thing first, here is a sample project of a Form using sharedComponent Inputs:

How does it work?

  • The Binding property of the Form element has to be associated to a variable of the sharedComponent ('input' in the sample project):

  • The ‘Var value’ property of the ‘use…’ has to be set in TS mode to a value of the following form this['<whatever_variable_name>']:

The Binding property has to be set to twoWayBinding

  • Form values to transmit to a back end sequence, for example, have to be mapped in TS mode of the following form: c8oPage['<whatever_variable_name>']


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