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Docker: Convertigo Server and CouchDB HTTPS communication

It is rare to adopt HTTPS communication between 2 docker containers, but in case of strong constraints, it is possible to configure a CouchDB server in SSL following the .

Concerning the Convertigo Server, it is possible to bind an HTTPS Url to connect to the CouchDB Server via the “Couch DB URL for FullSync“ property of the CONFIG widget in the Administration Console.

You will have to add the SSL certificate authority of the CouchDB in the CACERTS file of the Convertigo Server.

You will have to build a docker image with the CACERTS correctly configured.

To add a certificate to the CACERTS file, open a command prompt in <installation>\Studio 8.0.1\jre\lib\security folder of the Studio, then:

..\..\bin\keytool.exe -import -file certif.pem -keystore cacerts -storepass "changeit"

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